Bay Area Music Teachers Association 
Chartered in 1977
2012 Best of State Local Association

Student Events

Autumn Artist Concert

Autumn Artist Master Class

Theory Test*

World of Music Test*

Baroque Festival

Contemporary Festival

Musicianship Repertoire Festival

Performance Contest*

Young Artist Competition


TMTA Convention Activities*

Bay Area Music Teachers Association and the Gulf Coast Music Association sponsor the Autumn Artist Festival each October. The Autumn Artist Concert features the guest artist(s) in recital followed by an informal reception for the artist and audience. The Autumn Artist Master Class features young musicians performing for the guest artist in a public lesson.

Written musical tests are given periodically.   Theory tests assess the students' knowledge of written music theory.  These tests include an aural portion as well.  The World of Music tests assess students' knowledge of music history.  Levels in both tests correspond to 1st-12th grades in school.
Sponsored student festivals include the Baroque Festival, Contemporary Festival and the Musicianship Repertoire Festival. All involve students memorizing and performing at least one piece in front of a judge for a rating.  Awards are generally trophies or ribbons.
Young performers are encouraged to participate in the Young Artist Competition cosponsored with San Jacinto College.  Pianists, vocalists and instrumentalists are eligible. Winners receive a trophy and a modest monetary award.  
Aspiring artists may also participate in our Performance Contest.  Qualifying winners will advance to the TMTA Semi-Finals and possibly the state finals held at the TMTA convention in June.  
BAMTA awards scholarships to high school seniors intending to major in music.  We also give monetary awards for seniors who have won awards through TMTA.
BAMTA students may also participate in TMTA convention activities.  Many participate in the convention ensembles, performing as a large group on 10 - 15 pianos.  Many other student opportunities are offered at convention.

*Events sponsored by Texas Music Teachers Association